Serenity Trail: Landscape Fusion

Embark on a journey into the world of "Sylvan Tranquility," a mesmerizing exterior design project conceived within the creative realms of PANTOGRAPH s.r.o. architectural studio. Tasked with a competition project, the canvas unfolded along Viedenska cesta in Bratislava. Our mission: to craft a resplendent residential haven, seamlessly weaving landscape artistry and a cycling pathway.

Guided by the ethos of harmonious urban integration, the project marries nature's splendor with modern living. The landscape unfurls as a living masterpiece, a symphony of greenery that envelopes the senses. Amidst this organic embrace, a purposeful cycling route emerges, seamlessly threading through the lush panorama, inviting inhabitants to engage with the environment.

Year : 2022

Company : YIT Slovaia

Project Name : Urbanisticko - architektonická súťaž „Viedenská cesta“

Location : Viedenska cesta, Bratislava, Slovakia

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