Earthen Elegance: Harmonious Horizons

Introducing the architectural symphony known as "Earthen Elegance," where exterior design transcends into an artful narrative. A tapestry of light materials envelops the building, a masterpiece of three levels, carved into five distinct boxes. A wooden façade, akin to an artistic veil, reigns supreme, offering not just aesthetics but also pragmatic shading.

Hues borrowed from the earth's own palette compose the color symphony of this concept. The exterior dances in serene, earthy tones, mirroring the natural shades of the surroundings. These colors echo the soil's embrace, unifying the structure with its context.

The structure is home to 15 living units, each crowned with a personal loggia, merging indoor and outdoor spaces. Welcome to the vision sculpted by "TerraBlend Haven."

Year : 2021

Company : JOF Group, Brno

Project Name : TerraBlend

Location : Brno, Czech Republic

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