The Hero

The hero of my story is a young, motivated real estate saleswoman who is at the beginning of her career. Let’s call her Andrea. She is desired to prove to be successful in her job and face all the possible challenges. One monday she faces the biggest opportunity of her life. An austrian gentleman has walked into her agency who had a 5-bedroom luxury villa built in Bratislava. He built it as an investment a few years ago. After the owner moved abroad, the physical condition of the property has started to deteriorate. The property lost its grand style look that was the owners dream. As life has taken him elsewhere he wanted to sell the property as soon as possible. But he was not able to do it by himself. The owner had one condition on the cooperation… He asked Andrea to come up with a plan (within 5 days) on how she is going to sell the property which is beneficial for him.
The Problem

Andrea took on the project, because it seemed a great challenge for her. She knows that the real value of the property is low and will be difficult to find a good customer for how much the owner wants to sell it. She thinks from the customers perspective and this is not the ideal family house they would invest in. She needed something more than just photographs. The garden was messy and did not look as somebody would invest their money in it.

Yoda, The Helper

Now Andrea needed help. She contacted an architectural visualizer, who is able to create photorealistic visualisations even for spaces which does not even exist. She needed the visualizations in 5 days. She managed to contact the visualizer and retold her story. This helper is able to work only with 10 day deadline. This was the only obstacle in this story. Andrea told her that she needs photorealistic visualisations presented for her customer in order to show the plan how can she sell the property with a high price. Now our helper understood the situation and promised that the photos will be ready in 5 days, but she had one condition… In the future Andrea will stick to the 10 day interval and accept the workflow manual.

Now that Andrea is cooperating with the visualizer she saves a lot of time and together they can reach that this purchase will be a legendary experience for the customer. As they are not only buying a property, but get a high vision, which is also a high-end at the same time. With the help of the visualisations I call to the soul of the Customers. These visuals always tell a story and guide them to reach their desired state. I include such emotions and experiences which create exaggerated feelings in the customers. This was the process how this property got what it deserved.


The visualisations were finished by Wednesday and the owner really liked Andreas plan. On top he also asked for one more picture because he saw the chance of selling it is even going to be higher and the price will increase too. The owner and Andrea are both satisfied and the future customer can be satisfied too. The real estate agency raised its market appearance to a higher level as with the helper they were able to see that one special thing in the properties what others were not able to see. These are the sales made with the help of visualizations. The agency closed this project with a successful sale and they were able to sell the property at a price of +30%. All of this has been described as a success story and was shared on the internet too. In the 2 years even more properties have been sold using the same method. Sales for the company have grown significantly and they have been working with the CGI Artist ever since.

But what would have happened if they do not find a helper? If they would not have taken the help of the architectural visualizer, then first of all the owner would have lost a nice amount of money- he would get a very low price on the property. It would be also a disappointment for the hero of our story, because she is not able to fulfill the request of the owner and she can’t sale the property as she has planned.

This is based on a real story which happened in the spring of 2020. From that time I met a lot of interesting projects and people. As an architectural visualizer I consider the most important a High Quality service which is important for a good result to be born.

If you or any of your friends need a Helper please feel free to contact and we can discuss your potential of the potentials.

“When you help others feel important, you help yourself feel important too.” – David J. Schwartz

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