Unity Nexus Tower

"Unity Nexus Tower" emerges as a visionary icon in the urban landscape, binding innovation and connectivity. The dynamic fusion of two vertical elements, linked by a bridge of coherence, encapsulates the essence of collaboration.

Crafted for a metaverse organization, the design seamlessly integrates into the organic urban fabric, embodying a futuristic harmony. Our meticulous 3D modeling encapsulates the holistic vision, harmonizing every element within the urban context.

Maya Autodesk becomes the conduit of creation, enabling swift and efficient progress. Employing Rhino+Grasshopper, the completed model takes form through panelization, and the curtain wall comes alive parametrically, in alignment with precision.

"Unity Nexus Tower" transcends the conventional, manifesting an architectural symphony of unity, innovation, and technology.

Year : 2023

Company : Private Client

Project Name : Unity Nexus Tower

Location : Bratislava, Slovakia

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