Villa Ayurveda

"Raya Haven"

Embark on a journey of architectural splendor with "Raya Haven," a luxury villa complex nestled on the idyllic shores of Lombok Island, Indonesia. Drawing inspiration from the rich Lombok culture and the principles of biophilia, this concept seamlessly marries nature and luxury.

The essence of the project is rooted in the captivating image of a majestic manta ray, elegantly captured in the roof's structure. Mimicking the ray's graceful form, the roof boasts an intricate wooden framework, an homage to local craftsmanship. Employing indigenous materials such as bamboo, the design harmonizes with the surrounding environment.

"Raya Haven" epitomizes an oasis where cultural motifs meld with modern luxury, and sustainability embraces artistry. The project captures the essence of Lombok's soul while offering a retreat where the waves of the ocean serenade the soul.

Year : 2020

Company : Diploma work project / FA STU

Project Name : Villa Ayurveda

Location : Lombok, Indonesia

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