Zen Haven

Step into the serene realm of "Zen Haven," a harmonious blend of architectural elegance and Asian cultural inspiration. Nestled in Nagasaki, this interior design masterpiece pays homage to the tranquility and sophistication of the region.

The interior unfolds in a symphony of natural materials, with a special focus on the deep allure of ebony Hinoki wood. The dominating dark wooden elements resonate with the essence of traditional Japanese architecture, exuding an air of refined luxury.

Drawing inspiration from the Asian cultural palette, the color scheme mirrors the gentle tones of the earth, fostering a deep connection between the interior space and the natural world. Light hues reminiscent of the earth's warm embrace envelope the space, inviting relaxation and contemplation.

A touch of innovation emerges through thoughtfully placed LED light effects. These effects infuse the interior with an enchanting ambiance, enhancing the sensory experience and creating a dynamic interplay between light and shadow.

"Zen Haven" captures the essence of Asian culture, combining nature's grace and modern ingenuity. It offers a sanctuary where the spirit finds solace and the mind finds serenity, all within the embrace of meticulous design and meticulous natural beauty.

Year : 2021

Company : Prime International

Project Name : Zen Haven

Location : Nagasaki長崎市, Japan

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