Exclusive Family House visuals

Step into the realm of "Monochrome Oasis," a mesmerizing visualization project crafted for the ingenious architect, Ing. arch. Michal Oborny. This modern architectural masterpiece graces the urban landscape with its sleek elegance and harmonious design.

Nestled within a contemporary space, the building stands as a testament to modern aesthetics. The flat roof, a hallmark of minimalist architecture, crowns the structure, while the interplay of monochrome materials adds depth and texture. The fusion of pristine plaster and aluminum perforated elements creates a dynamic façade that captures the essence of modernity.

Beyond the confines of the building, a small romantic garden unfolds, serving as a tranquil haven amidst the bustling city. Enclosed by wall fences on both sides, this intimate oasis offers respite from the urban pace, inviting residents to connect with nature.

"Monochrome Oasis" is not merely a visualization; it's an artistic portrayal of architectural ingenuity, where form and function coalesce to create a living space that harmonizes with its surroundings while embracing modernity.

Year : 2018

Company : INDEX s.r.o.

Project Name : Exclusive family house visuals

Location : Bratislava, Slovakia

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