Harmony Haven

Title: "Harmony Haven"

"Harmony Haven" is an urban meditation sanctuary that draws inspiration from the ethereal contours of sound bowls. This architectural marvel resonates with serenity, offering a transformative experience within an urban landscape. The design concept encapsulates the essence of mindfulness and introspection, creating a space that embraces the harmonious connection between architecture and inner peace.

Five essential pavilions encapsulate the meditation center's functions:

1. Reflection Pavilion: A tranquil space for contemplation, featuring reflective pools and lush greenery that mirror the meditative journey.

2. Sound Sanctum: Inspired by sound bowls, this pavilion houses immersive soundscapes that guide visitors towards deep relaxation and mindfulness.

3. Breath Pavilion: Dedicated to breathing exercises and yoga, this pavilion emphasizes the rhythmic inhales and exhales that synchronize with the surroundings.

4. Garden of Senses: Engaging tactile, aromatic, and visual sensations, this pavilion heightens sensory awareness through textures, scents, and colors.

5. Community Courtyard: A central gathering space fostering a sense of shared purpose and collective serenity, connecting visitors on their individual quests for balance.

"Harmony Haven" is not merely a structure but a sacred intersection where urban life and spiritual exploration converge, offering an oasis of calm amid the bustling cityscape.

Year : 2023

Company : Private Client

Project Name : Harmony Haven

Location : Jeddah, Saud Arabia

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