Bamboo Haven

Step into the world of "Bamboo Haven," a luxurious villa complex nestled on the serene island of Lombok, Indonesia. Inspired by the rich Lombok culture and the principles of biophilic design, this project brings together nature and architecture in perfect harmony.

Drawing inspiration from the graceful movements of the ocean's rays, the villa's roof structure emulates the gentle curve of a swimming manta ray. Crafted from a framework of local timber, such as bamboo, the roof pays homage to the island's building traditions while creating a visually captivating and sustainable design.

Inside, the interiors celebrate a fusion of materials that resonate with both the island's character and modern aesthetics. The raw elegance of concrete, blended with locally sourced materials unique to Lombok, creates a sense of authenticity and cultural connection.

As you navigate through "Bamboo Haven," you'll encounter spaces adorned with the island's signature materials, inviting you to experience the essence of Lombok. The interplay of bamboo, concrete, and other indigenous materials not only creates a harmonious design but also evokes a sense of place, transporting residents and guests to a true haven on the island of Lombok.

Year : 2020

Company : Diploma work project / FA STU

Project Name : Villa Ayurveda

Location : Lombok, Indonesia

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