Every one of us wants to get value against the price we pay. None of us would spare money on thing that doesn’t work. Similarly, getting value in the real estate business has no exception to that. Satisfying clients always considers a hectic job in this sector. However, achieving a client’s heart makes a lot easier if you become a value provider rather than money-grabbing machine.

The first impression is of utmost importance. I always give extra care and importance to my client at the start of the project. I help them with questions if they may have in mind at the beginning of the job to boost their confidence to ask more. The more questions they ask, the better they’ll know what they will get from me. This also helps me work hard to satisfy them with my innovation and creativity they want.

So, here’s the success story with my client and how it turned out great for us.

First thing first, I started work with Mr. Peter Fritsch, CEO and Architect of the Creative Space Architects. CSA is a reputed architect firm that looks after a variety of projects in the real estate sector. My work was a part of interior design where the firm wanted a complete European classical architectural style. I tried hard, brought some fantastic results for the client, and put his dream on the paper.

How did Mr. Fritsch contact me?

On Saturday morning, August 17, I received the first message from Mr. Fritsch through my website’s email. By the time I had already received a notification on my cell phone. So, I immediately opened the letter, which stated a project description with some questions and requests from Mr. Fritsch. I took the phone, called, and asked him for the coffee if he available the next morning to get acquaintances and introduce him to the common work details.

So, I give him a detailed manual design in which I enumerated our common work in six necessary steps from start to end. The project’s process was also made clear as I took it as an essential part of the work. We then officially agreed that we would start the project.

What Happened Next?

As I received all the information, I asked for maximum quality. So, any misunderstanding must be avoided in the future. I always believe in a better communication process as it conveys a better understanding of the client’s project. It avoids confusion among the party. Since the visual design is more than a picture, the visualization must convey emotion and the future experience to the owner/investor, which is possible through smart, clear, and to-the-point communication.

I admired Mr. Fritsch communication and professionalism due to which I was able to start working early on the project. The project presentation was set by him on August 31 to his clients to make them appeal to the project’s visual design. Since I had dozens of architectural projects, I put an abundance of hours to work on to make the submission possible before the deadline.

Afterward, I also offered him what I offer to my new clients. After completing the project, he will not only receive nine visual designs of which he placed the order, but also an extra four visual designs he can even make it as a thumbnail in the portfolio or magazine.

I set 5 revisions for client satisfaction and uploaded the completed corrections to the cloud drive for easy accessibility. After the first revision, Mr. Fritsch loved the photorealistic images in a low-resolution image that visualized his desired project. We continued our journey until the last revision took place.

What I delivered to Mr. Fritsch?

Mr. Fritsch and I ended the terms tremendously, and I submitted on August 31, including delivered 13 visualizations in an elegant portfolio that all my clients receive after the work. The portfolio considers most suitable for presenting the project as it creates with elegant graphics. This can serve my client even after we ended our cooperation.

I wanted to give something valuable because of the personal attitude we had during the project. So, I made a complete Virtual Reality Walkthrough in which I presented six rooms interactively. Furthermore, the photorealistic images were possible to be shown in 360 degrees so that the investors could be virtually guided in his future home.

Mr. Peter Fritsch feedback

Mr. Fritsch promised me to text me about his successful presentation. The next morning he texted me and said, “Yesterday’s presentation of the project turned out awesome. The client liked the project and the preparation of the presentation. We have closed all rooms except for the living room, where there will be minimal changes. I hope that you will be a little helpful in this as part of our cooperation.”

I asked Mr. Fritsch if he was comfortable to answer some questions. And he gladly answers those. Here were the questions I asked.

– Why did you choose me? And What exactly did you expect when you were looking for a visualizer?

Answer: We had already cooperated with several companies in 3D visualization, so it was not new. We chose you for an excellent portfolio, a severe approach, and a willingness to turn our ideas into visualizations.

– What do you think about our cooperation? How did you rate it?

Answer: We had started to end cooperation despite work in tight space, and deadline. The cooperation took place very seriously, and professionally we responded with five communications. Due to your professionalism, I would rate your cooperation and work to 5 stars out 5.

– Share your experience of architectural projects through a Virtual walkthrough reality. How was it different from the classic presentation?

Answer: Walkthrough Virtual Reality was a great experience as it helped us judge all the angles around inside the home. The classic presentation gives only one sideshow, whereas the photorealistic gives us 100% reality scenes inside the home with 360 degrees angle.

– How impressive experience was it for your client to display their project in a VR environment? How was their experience with the static VR show?

Answer: Yes, the VR show impressed the client very much, and it helped their imagination to a great extent.

– What do you think of the VR presentation for the coming future?

Answer: I can imagine that the VR will be even more interactive in the future, connecting the possibilities of interaction with the scene with gloves or other technical elements and deepening this virtual experience in other dimensions.