The Covid-19 threat is persisted with the unprecedented damage already caused to the real estate business. Now, imagine finding an inspiring, enthusiast CGI Artist who can keep ticking your profit score despite the pandemic; that sounds great. Well! Of course, you want to know me better before awarding the project. So, I’m a CGI Artist and I create realistic 3D assets for the real estate sector that attracts buyers without going among people. My virtual animations look real; while watching the images, you will get a real-life feeling.

Now, let’s take a glance at my success and accomplishment in the year 2020 so far.

I Have Had Marvelous year 2020.

“Still, there are a few months left to end the year 2020 officially, but I have already made tremendous achievements this year. I have completed 76 visualization and 13 real estate projects and helped businesses keep them sustainable. I have also proposed an action plan in my new book called Surviving the crisis as an architect, which illustrates practical strategies about the new mean of doing business during the crisis. Besides, many real estate businesses approached me for project consultations, and I have done that 67 times in the year. I have made 261 messages, 207 coffees with my clients, and continue to do so.”

I had many sleepless nights to be able to provide satisfactory services to my clients. Further, I was a part of an excellent mastermind program where I came across many inspiring and successful people. A lot has happened this year.

However, some of the tourism-related projected preyed to delay due to strict lockdown imposed by relevant authorities. Despite the current situation, I’m committed to redesigning the routine to mitigate unbearable loss.

Where next?

I believe in continuing tireless efforts to keep your business afloat despite the unusual circumstances. To cheer the 2020 triumph, I have decided to spend some time with my family. I think quantity work as unique as spending quality time with family. For that reason, I’m going to off all my social media presence to spend quality time with my family for a week. If you’re intended to contact me and up speed your real estate project, you can click here. The link will redirect you to my new website and blog to get consultation and answers for any project queries.